Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aren't they adorable!
I've have had this dumb blog since October 2007. I just never have anything interesting to say. Here goes. I will not post on it very often because in the words of my daughter, "I'm boring". She also tells me I'm half dead because I'm so old, that's a whole other story. We do have an interesting thing going on soon. Ashley is involved in the softball "World Series" being held in Park City Utah. It starts on July 20th with opening ceremonies and a bunch of stuff for just the girls. On July 21st they start playing games. There are supposed to be close to 200 teams in her age category (16U) alone. We don't know yet when her first games are. If your would be interested in getting a daily text message as to her next day 1st game of the day, let me know the phone number to text to and I will try to update you. I don't get to go to this tournament so I will have to do everything from here. Shea and Chad are going to try to keep updated too since they will be closer than me. I don't know yet if there will be 'pool play' first and then 'bracket play' or if it is straight 'bracket play'. I will let you know as soon as I know.
Ashley's team is called Caldwell Chargers. Their logo is the lightening bolt from the San Diego Chargers football team. Their colors are Navy blue and Yellow. One uniform is mainly yellow and the other uniform is mainly navy blue. They will on occasion wear white baseball pants but not often. Ashley most often plays catcher. Her catchers gear is light gray.
This tournament is part of the 'Triple Crown' Series. This one is the last of the big three tournaments. They were invited because of their record last year. Their performance hasn't been as stellar this year. If she plays next year, they will be a great team. Every other year they lose half of their team due to age and they have to rebuild. Next year, they will have the old team back together. Ashley is really looking forward to being in this tournament because she loves being around so many people that have her same passion for the sport.